Protein bar Beetroot, Aronia & Lemon 40 g

This protein bar will surprise you with its unusual taste. You will simply love the combination of sweet beetroot, bitter aronia and fresh lemon. In addition, beetroot is great for athletes because it contains two important components: betaine and nitrogenous compounds that stimulate muscle growth and promote rapid regeneration.

Ingredients: Dates, pumpkin protein, chicory fibre, almonds, beetroot, aronia, cocoa butter, sunflower protein, hemp protein, essential lemon oil.

Product durability: 8 months.

Store at temperature 18–24 °C.

35 Kč
excl. VAT 31 Kč 1 Kč / 1 g

Nutritional Values

Nutrition information per 100g of product
Energy 1535kJ/363kcal
Fat 12g
of which saturated fatty acids 2,5g
Carbohydrate 33g
of which sugars 22g
Dietary Fiber 25g
Protein 20g
Salt 0,1g